Road Closure Information

Phase 1, to begin on April 10th, will have a full closure between Highline Circle to Dry Creek Ct.  As noted on the map, access will either be from the east or the west depending on your property location.  PLEASE NOTE, THERE WILL BE NO ACCESS FROM ONE END TO THE OTHER OF THE FULL CLOSURE SEGMENT.  Properties that have driveway access within the closure segment, will be notified as to which side of the closure segment to access from (see map).

One week in advance of each closure change, further notices will be sent that will show whether to access your property from the east or from the west.   Emergency response agencies, schools, the post office and trash services will also be notified of each closure change.   Additionally, a project sign will be placed at each end of the jobsite, providing the location of the current closure phase.

Notices will be sent to adjacent residents when the construction schedule is finalized.  In addition, project information signs will be placed on each end of the job 2 weeks in advance of the construction start up.

Because of the nature of the construction within the full closure segments, the pedestrian/bicycle trail will need to be closed at each end of the closure.  Below is a Pedestrian/Bicycle Detour Map that provides an alternate route using the Highline Canal that will allow you to get from one end of the closure to the other.