Construction Update as of 11/15/17 (also see Job Status Map below):

Lower lift paving of Segment 5 (Dry Creek Ct. to Jackson St.) is scheduled to be complete on Monday, November 20th weather permitting. Segment 6 (Long Lane from Orchard Rd. to Long Drive) will be the next closure segment implemented immediately following the paving of Segment 5. All traffic accessing properties along Long Road will need to ingress and egress from the east for this closure phase, which is expected to last until December 10th at which time the road will re-open to traffic.

Other work underway currently is the waterline placement on Long Lane from Orchard Rd. to Long Drive. This is being done concurrently with the Segment 5 pavement reconstruction on the east end so that when the closure switches to Segment 6, all utility installation will be complete in that segment and roadway reconstruction can start immediately.