Final Design

The final design considered the initial project goals, the big picture priorities from the public and the final design element preferences that were reviewed with the community during the planning process.

Project Overview/ and Goals

Pavement Reconstruction

Drainage Improvements

Optimize Effectiveness Traffic Calming

Improve Pedestrian Safety

Replace Southgate Waterline (added in 2015)

Issues prioritized by public input (1st Public Meeting and Survey)

Traffic Calming

Pedestrian Circulation


Bike Circulation

Unified Streetscape Character

Public Preference on Specific Design Elements (2nd Public Mtg and Survey)

Preferred Road Section (Section 1)

Enhanced Landscaping and Boulders

Sidewalk Extension on Long Lane

Colored Concrete (walk and islands)

Short Duration of Construction with higher impact

How the Final Design Addressed Goals and Public Preferences

Table Top Crossings and Island at Colorado & Orchard

Separate and Raised Walk

Connection of walk from Long Dr. to Orchard (and crosswalk on Orchard)

Valley Gutter and Storm Sewer System

Perpetual Pavement Design

Irrigation Tap and Landscaping

Colored Concrete pavement alternate for walk, islands and tabletops

Closure of Long Road with Detour